Ships are safe in the harbor -- but that is not what ships are built for.
Hack the harbor - release all the ships!

Q: What is the Pirate Hack?
A: Simple - a hackathon.

Q: And when does it happen?
A: Saturday and Sunday (24th and 25th of August).

Q: And how does the Pirate Hack (a hackathon) work?
A.1.: Also very simple - a hackathon is a two day event for developers, designers, crazy people... for everyone who's interessted in technology, web, etc.

A.2.: Just come over to the Railslove harbor at 11 AM on Saturday. Bring your laptop, electronics and a bottle of rum (or more if needed) and hack on whatever you want until Sunday 7 PM. There are basically no rules, no presentations, nothing - only some crazy pirates who want to release all the ships from the harbor.

Q: Where?
A: At the Railslove harbor.

Q: If I'm not a salt...
A: Then drop us a line to or follow us on twitter (@PirateHackArrr). Definetly like us on Facebook